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Age Limits:

Weight Restrictions:
8KCAB:  Between 80 lbs & 200 lbs

Height Restrictions:
8KCAB:  No taller than 6’4″

Apparel Restrictions:
Shoes and Socks Required. Warm jackets recommended in Winter.

We do everything in our power to prevent people from getting airsick.  All of our training uses a building block approach, starting with basic maneuvers and working our way up to more advanced maneuvers.  At any point, we encourage our customers to communicate their comfort level and we are happy to take a break between maneuvers to give your stomach a chance to catch up.

It is a common misconception that you should fly on an empty stomach. The truth is that you should adhere to your normal habit patterns. While it may not be advisable to eat a breakfast buffet just before your flight, you should have something in your stomach, perhaps a light breakfast, such as cereal or some fruit. Though you should always stay hydrated, it is probably a good idea to stay away from alcohol before an aerobatic flight.

We also encourage customers to do as much flying as possible during the flight. The more you immerse yourself in the experience, the less likely we are to get sick. No alcohol or hangovers!
If you feel that you are susceptible to motion sickness, we recommend a Dramamine tablet the night prior and another one 1 to 2 hours before your flight.

You must have a Private Pilot’s certificate (minimum) and current medical (BasicMed is OK.)
I will travel to your location for a surcharge determined by how far I have to go. Contact for rates.
It is normal to be excited and have some apprehension before your first aerobatic lesson. We ask ourselves: “What if I get sick?” “What if I don’t like it?” “Is aerobatics something I’m capable of learning?” Aerobatics is for every pilot. There is nothing magical about it. Like everything else, learning aerobatics is a methodical training process. We don’t start your first lesson with advanced maneuvers. We start with very basic ones such as steep turns, stalls, perhaps Lazy8’s and build up to a simple aileron roll. You might be surprised by how much you love it! Think of it this way: Pilots have been doing aerobatics almost as long as flight itself. Aerobatics used to be a part of every student pilot’s curriculum. During WWII, pilots were not permitted to solo unless they could demonstrate a 3-turn spin, a Loop, a Roll and a Half Cuban 8.
Most people land from their flights with a big smile on their face, but it’s not unusual to feel a little nausea or discomfort during or after your first “acro” flight. Most people recover quickly and after a one- or two-hour break, do fine on the second or third flight.
Dress casually and comfortably (shorts are ok if weather permits). Please wear flat soled shoes, the flatter the better. Thick soled shoes or boots will make it difficult to feel the rudder pedals. You will be asked to empty your pockets of keys, wallets, phones, cameras, etc., so be prepared to leave those items behind while you are flying. We can’t have FOD floating around the airplane.
Please bring your logbook if you would like a log entry for any endorsement. for any endorsement (BFR or CFI Spin,) you will need to show your license to your Instructor. Bring a light snack or lunch if you’d like, but there are plenty of places to go to nearby. Rules and Regulations: While we follow the FAA regulations for aerobatic flight, which is to be 1,500 feet AGL or above, not over a congested area, at least 3 miles of visibility, and not within 4 nautical miles of a federal airway, our personal limitations call for a minimum of a 3,500-foot ceiling and good visibility. If the weather is not suitable for flying, sometimes we must wait it out. Usually our weather is excellent, but it’s one thing we have no control over. If necessary, we will work with you to reschedule for the earliest possible time.
Just come with an open mind and a willingness to learn! The short cockpit orientation videos below will be helpful, and watching videos with Sportys: Basic Aerobatics and if you’re planning to get a tailwheel endorsement, then Tailwheel Checkout. You’ll be ahead of the game if you watch them beforehand, and we can also run them for you while you’re here. Go to: And