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Rolls – Loops – Spins – Cubans – Hammerheads – Humpty Bumps – Immelmans – Split-S – Snap Rolls – Floating Leaf Stalls – Sawtooth – English Bunt – Avalanche – Lomcovaks

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    Transform Your Flying Skills with Aerobatic Training

    We stand for excellence

    Flying should be fun. Every pilot has some part of a dream that they could be a fighter pilot or a barnstormer. At Scott Gorski Aviation, we will teach you the skills and maneuvers to fly like an Ace. You will learn to listen to the airplane and feel its limits. Safety is always first. Understanding how to recover from a stall or spin will increase your overall confidence in your flying. This aerobatic flight training school is about you, your needs and comfort level. Soar to new heights and join the fraternity of brothers and sisters who have experienced the pure joy of acrobatic flight.

    Learn to fly the way you imagined when you saw the Blue Angels for the first time and wished that could be you. With a click or a phone call you can start your journey.

    Experience the Thrill of Aerobatic Training with Scott Gorski

    Looking for an aerobatic training course taught by a skilled instructor with a passion for flying? Look no further than Scott Gorski! As a former Navy crew member and acrobatics competitor, Scott brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his tailwheel, Roll/Upset, and competition acrobatics courses. With his focus on personalized training and dedication to his students, Scott is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their flying skills to the next level.

    • Aerobatic Instructor
    • Tailwheel Specialist
    • Acrobatics Competitor
    • Navy Veteran

    Training Aircraft Decathlon 8KCAB

    Our fully aerobatic Decathlon is a stick control, tailwheel, tandem-seating aircraft. It is known for its excellent maneuverability and stability, making it an ideal platform for teaching advanced maneuvers such as spins, stalls, and aerobatics. Its' precise handling makes it a favorite among pilots seeking to improve their flying skills.

    Specialized Training Safety first

    At our flight training school, we offer a comprehensive range of flight training services. Our areas of expertise include aerobatic training, competition acrobatics, spin training, roll/upset recovery, and tailwheel training and endorsement. Additionally, we offer advanced aerobatic training, which can be tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of each individual pilot.

    Our Courses


    Basic Aerobatic Training

    3 Days

    Expand your horizons, improve your skills and confidence, and learn how to fly in any attitude. Basic aerobatic maneuvers taught include: spins, loops, rolls, hammerheads, Immelmann, and Cuban eights. All instruction, including competition aerobatics, will be in the Decathlon we have available.

    Course Details

    CFI Spin Training

    1 Day
    Our instructors are highly skilled in teaching you spin & upset recovery and transferring that knowledge to make you comfortable in recovering from stall/spins. The course and cost are similar to the Upset/Unusual Attitude & Spin Training, but with an emphasis on how to effectively teach your students stall/spin awareness and how to recover from anything a student might surprise you with.
    Course Details

    Upset Recovery Training

    1 Day

    We will fly a fully aerobatic Decathlon, tailwheel, tandem seating, stick control aircraft. Your training will include ground instruction on the maneuvers we will perform, safety procedures, recognition and avoidance of upsets, stalls, and spins. We will perform stalls, spins and recovery from accidental upsets and unusual attitudes that could be caused by, for example, wake turbulence.

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    Tailwheel Training

    3 Days

    Tailwheel endorsements are proficiency-based, meaning there is no minimum hour requirement to earn your endorsement. Most pilots require a minimum of 8-10 hours to become proficient and comfortable in the airplane.

    Course Details

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    Flight Training FAQs

    Most people land from their flights with a big smile on their face, but it’s not unusual to feel a little nausea or discomfort during or after your first “acro” flight. Most people recover quickly and after a one- or two-hour break, do fine on the second or third flight.
    You must have a Private Pilot’s certificate (minimum) and current medical (BasicMed is OK.)